Made from a number of different broadleaved trees such as oak or bale, a hardwood deck  offers a great authentic look that will create a "wow" reaction from your friends and family.  Requiring  a regular but not constraining   maintenance  like pressure washing every year and oiling every other year, hardwood decking tends to be harder and more durable   timber as well as one of the most environmentally-friendly materials you can use. Well-maintained, hardwood decks can last for a life-time and are  really worth the time and effort as they compliment your garden in the most unique way.


Also an eco-friendly material to use, softwood timber represents around 80% of the world's timber which makes it, therefore, the most used and cost-effective wood for your decking. Made from trees like larch, cedar, redwood or pine, softwood decks require the same type of care than hardwood, however maybe slightly less, and offer a lovely finish to your garden that is both natural and of the best quality.


Low-maintenance and more consistent in tone, composite decking is a great alternative for people who are after a deck that looks good and is easy to care for. Available in a range of colours and finishes, composite decking  is made of a mixture of plastic and wood fibres which means that the installation requires more support than with a timber decking as the boards are not as strong as real wood. Known to be less slippery than hardwood of softwood decking, Composite decks are a great option for  a neat finishing look  and hassle-free garden.


Simply Decking supports sustainability by only using materials from suppliers that are `FSC certified.